Lowrance Transducer Selection Guide

Welcome to the Lowrance Transducer Selection Guide. Finding the right transducer is crucial for maximizing your fish finder’s capabilities. We start with the Lowrance Transducers Compatibility Chart to ensure you match the perfect transducer with your specific Lowrance fish finder. Next, we explore the 5 Best Lowrance Transducers, from the real-time views of the ActiveTarget 2 to the detailed imaging of the SplitShot Transducer. Finally, we break down the various Lowrance Transducer Sonar Types – SideScan, DownScan, and CHIRP – to help you understand the technology behind these powerful tools. Let’s dive in and find the best Lowrance transducer for your fishing adventures!

Lowrance Transducers Compatibility Chart

TransducerPart NumberMountSonar FrequencyCompatible Models
Active Imaging HD 3-in-1000-16062-001TransomMed/High CHIRP (83/200 KHz),
1000/1200 KHz
HDS PRO, with a S3100 Module HDS Live, HDS Carbon & Elite FS
Active Imaging HD 2-in-1000-16063-001Transom455/700/
1000/1200 KHz
HDS PRO, with a S3100 Module HDS Live, HDS Carbon & Elite
Ghost Active Imaging HD 3-in-1 Nosecone000-16064-001TransomHigh CHIRP (200 kHz), 455/700/
1000/1200 KHz
HDS PRO, with a S3100 Module HDS Live, HDS Carbon & Elite FS
Active Imaging 3-in-1000-14489-001TransomMed/High/CHIRP/
HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2
Active Imaging 2-in-1000-14490-001TransomSideScan/DownScanHDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2
SplitShot000-14028-001TransomThru-HullHOOK2, HOOK Reveal
TripleShot000-14029-001TransomHigh CHIRP/
HOOK2, HOOK Reveal
HDI Skimmer000-12569-001TransomLow/High CHIRP/DownScanHDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, HOOK Reveal, HOOK2
High Speed Skimmer000-14885-001TransomLow/High CHIRPHDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, HOOK Reveal, HOOK2
Bullet Skimmer000-14027-001Transom200 kHzHOOK2 4x Bullet
ActiveTarget000-15593-001Trolling MotorLive SonarHDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS
ActiveTarget 2000-15959-001Trolling MotorLive SonarHDS PRO, HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS
StructureScan 3D000-13559-001Thru-Hull3D/SideScan/
TotalScan000-14259-001Thru HullLow/High CHIRP/
HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2
Pod Shoot-Thru000-14886-001In-HullMed/High CHIRPHDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, HOOK Reveal, HOOK2
Pod – Trolling Motor000-14888-001Trolling MotorMed/High CHIRPHDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2 , HOOK Reveal, HOOK2
PTI-WBL Ice Transducer000-0106-94Ice Transducer Float83/200 kHzCompatible with all Blue sonar connector displays
HOOK2 / Reveal Ice Transducer000-14089-001Ice Transducer Float83/200 kHzHOOK2, HOOK Reveal
HOOK² 4x Ice Transducer000-14088-001Ice Transducer FloatHOOK2 4x

5 Best Lowrance Transducers

When choosing a Lowrance transducer and a compatible graph, think about where you fish. For shallow water, go for SideScan and DownScan. Deep water? Choose CHIRP for better depth and detail. Make sure the transducer fits your Lowrance graph for best results. Consider how the transducer mounts on a boat. Match your gear to your fishing style and target fish for the best results. Here are the 5 best Lowrance transducers:

1. Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Transducer

The Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 transducer provides a high-resolution, live view of fish and underwater structures. It is typically mounted on the trolling motor, allowing for easy adjustment and positioning.

You can set it up in three ways: down looking for a view under the boat, forward looking to see what’s in front of the boat, or scout position for a wide panoramic view in front of the boat.

This flexibility is great for spotting fish, understanding the underwater environment, and helping you fish smarter and catch more.

Best Compatible Models: HDS Pro, HDS Live with S3100 Module.

2. Lowrance Active Imaging HD Transducer

The Lowrance Active Imaging HD is a transom mount transducer that combines three sonar technologies into one.

First, there’s Lowrance CHIRP, known for its clear views and great target separation, helping you spot fish amidst all the underwater noise.

Then you’ve got SideScan, offering high-definition images off to the sides of your boat, perfect for scanning wide areas for fish hideouts.

Finally, DownScan Imaging delivers high-definition views straight below, giving you a detailed look at what’s under the boat.

This 3-in-1 sonar means you can see more, understand more, and ultimately catch more fish.

Best Compatible Models: HDS Pro, HDS Live, and Elite FS.
HDS Live and Elite FS require an additional S3100 Module.

3. Lowrance Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer

The Lowrance Active Imaging 3-in-1 is an all-in-one transducer that combines CHIRP sonar, SideScan, and DownScan in a single transducer. It provides high-resolution sonar images to the side and below the boat. This helps in identifying fish-holding areas, such as rockpiles, weedbeds, and drop-offs.

Active Imaging 3-in-1 transducer is mounted at the transom of the boat.

Best Compatible Models: HDS Live, Elite FS

4. Lowrance TripleShot Transducer

The Lowrance TripleShot transducer is capable of scanning traditional sonar images up to 500 feet, DownScan images up to 300 feet, and SideScan images up to 600 feet.

The TripleShot supports High CHIRP at 200kHz, along with SideScan and DownScan Imaging at 455/800kHz. Its wide-angle CHIRP technology stands out by offering double the sonar coverage compared to most fish finders, which is particularly useful for covering larger areas and improving your chances of locating fish and underwater structures.

TripleShot transducer offers transom mounting as the primary option. But it can also be adapted for trolling motor mounting with additional accessories.

Best Compatible Model: Hook Reveal 7 TripleShot

5. Lowrance SplitShot Transducer

The Lowrance SplitShot transducer is a 2-in-1 sonar unit. It provides traditional High CHIRP sonar which offers a detailed view of fish arches and underwater structures with excellent target separation, and DownScan Imaging for high-resolution images under the boat. This combination allows anglers to get a comprehensive view of the underwater environment, helping them identify fish, track the bottom contour, and understand the structure. The SplitShot transducer is easy to install on the transom or the trolling motor.

Best Compatible Model: Hook Reveal 5 SplitShot

Lowrance Transducer Sonar Types

Lowrance transducers offer several sonar types to cater to various fishing needs, ensuring you have the best fish finder for your style. These include CHIRP Sonar for detailed imaging and superior target separation, DownScan Imaging for clear pictures of structure beneath your boat, and SideScan for wide, detailed views of the underwater environment to the sides. Additionally, some models feature Active Imaging and StructureScan for enhanced details and resolution. Each of these sonar types contributes to making Lowrance units some of the best fish finders on the market.


Lowrance SideScan provides detailed, wide-coverage views of the underwater terrain to the sides of your boat, perfect for spotting structure, baitfish, and gamefish. Anglers targeting bass, crappie, or other structure-oriented fish find it invaluable. It’s great for scanning large areas, like flats, drop-offs, or weed lines. SideScan fish finder is ideal for anglers who “sight fish” or those who prefer a strategic approach, plotting points and paths where fish are likely to be. Whether you’re casting along a bank or cruising over a reef, SideScan gives a clear picture of where to drop your line. It’s especially useful for competitive anglers and serious hobbyists aiming to up their game.


Lowrance DownScan provides crystal-clear images of what’s directly beneath your boat, showing structure, vegetation, and fish in high resolution. DownScan is perfect for spotting the difference between a rock and a fish or identifying the type of bottom – be it sand, rock, or mud. It’s particularly useful when fishing in deeper water where you need a detailed view of the bottom or when targeting fish that are close to the structure. Whether you’re jigging over a wreck or dropping baits into holes and drop-offs, DownScan fish finder gives you the confidence that you’re fishing in the right spot. It’s favored by anglers who focus on bottom fishing or those who need a detailed understanding of the underwater terrain.


CHIRP sonar in Lowrance transducers sends a continuous sweep of frequencies, providing clearer and more detailed returns from underwater targets. CHIRP offers better target separation, making it easier to distinguish between individual fish, bait balls, and underwater structures. It’s excellent for pinpointing fish in various water depths and conditions. Whether you’re targeting shallow water bass or deep-sea species, CHIRP helps you see the fish more clearly and from further away.


How do I know what Lowrance transducer I have?

To identify your Lowrance transducer, simply examine the transducer cable. About an inch from the connector, you’ll find a silver tag. This tag has the transducer model printed on it, providing you with the exact information you need to know which transducer you have.

Can I use 2 Lowrance transducers at once?

Yes, you can use two Lowrance transducers at once on many Lowrance units, but there are a few things to consider. First, ensure your fish finder supports dual-channel sonar or has multiple ports for connecting more than one transducer. Also, be aware of potential interference between the two transducers if they operate on similar frequencies. It’s typically best to have them work on different sonar types (e.g., one on CHIRP and another on SideScan) or mount them at a distance from each other.